These are the websites and bloggers that I visit daily and love dearly. They’re where I get inspiration and delicious recipes, and I recommend all of them! All these pages open in new tabs because that’s how I like things.


David Lebovitz

Top With Cinnamon (Izy is another (more practiced) teenage blogger. She recently published a fantastic cookbook!)

Local Milk (Beth has such beautiful photography, I could spend hours on her site. We also love similar flavors – flower extracts and herbs abound!)

The Vanilla Bean Blog

Lady And Pups (This woman is hilarious, and her morning buns are genius)

My Name Is Yeh (I basically just want Molly’s life.)

Butter Me Up Brooklyn (Hasn’t posted in a while, but those cookie recipes are geeeeenyuss)

Smitten Kitchen (Because I can’t not put this here)

Hummingbird High



Food52 (Whenever I am at a loss for any simple recipe, and when I need to use up some ingredient, I do a search on Food 52)

Tasting Table


Books (obviously, these are not online. So I linked to amazon or B&N)

Baking Illustrated (This is the holy grail. I once spent a weekend reading it through, and it was so worth it)

Jerusalem, Ottolenghi (The librarian at my school who purchased this book should get a reward. Also, check out Plenty)


The Language of Baklava, by Diana Abu-Jaber

Best Food Writing of 2014

Delicious, by Ruth Reichl (I love whatever Reichl writes, but this novel was especially fun to read)

Blood, Bones & Butter, by Gabrielle Hamilton.



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